Angela M. Xuereb (3)


As part of a SEA-EU initiative, the University of Malta was invited to send a small team to the University of Split in order to discuss and explore future avenues of collaboration. J. Wood and M. Sausmekat, both contributors to the Maritime Archaeology Research Project, travelled to Croatia where they presented different elements of research […]

Peter Iregbeyen; an insight of the thought that floods our minds as we think about the ocean. The SEA-EU summer school was for me a most educative, enlightening and informative experience. The subject of ocean sustainability has never been so talked about or driven home like it was at the various sessions. For each of […]

Various Home Economics students from the University of Malta participated in a Cooking Contest launched among students of the six universities that are members of the SEA-EU Alliance, after an initiative by the University of Western Brittany, Brest, France. In Malta, the initiative was coordinated by KSU, the Student Union. Three students submitted what were […]