The history of Cadiz can be traced back over 3000 years when it was first settled by the Phoenicians in around 1100 b.C. The wealthy Roman Gades, visited by Julius Caesar, the port city of Cadiz from which Columbus departed on his second trip to the Americas, the heroic Cadiz that in 1797 successfully resisted the siege of Lord Nelson’s fleet and held out against the invasion by Napoleon’s troops, or the Liberal Cadiz of the 19th century are just a few of the many different periods in the history of the city; without them it would be impossible to know the full history of the commercial development of ancient civilizations or of colonial trade with America. 

Its rich history has left behind a remarkable imprint reflected in its streets, squares, monuments, bastions, museums, etc. However, if there is something that stays unaltered, it is its natural beauty, arising from its peculiar location, which turns it into a beautiful city, praised by poets and artists, and a climate that makes it perfect to visit at any time of the year.