Cooking festival

One of the main goals of our alliance is to value mutual knowledge and interculturality. During this 2020-2021 very special year, we had to think differently, remotely, to get to know each other! What better way than cooking to change our minds, to warm up our mood, to share what is so universal and so particular at the same time? Each SEA-EU university has launched a cooking competition open to its students. The rule? Submit a recipe representative of its territory, to be shared with all the students of the alliance!

This book gathers winner recipes from each university in three categories: starter, main course (related to our maritime identity!) and dessert.

Be ready for our SEA-EU CULINARY FESTIVAL, each day we will focus on the food from one of our areas.

CROATIA, Taste Croatia

The aim of the Taste the Croatia event is to promote Croatian national gastronomy and to encourage other SEA-EU partners to test the winning recipes and other national dishes.It is an online culinary workshop where preparation of three best rated dishes from the University of Split will be presented.

Date of the online workshop: April 30, 2021 at 11:00 AM.

Registration for the workshop:
Link to participate in the workshop:
The main goal of an online culinary workshop?
After selecting the three winning recipes, on April 30, 2021, an online culinary workshop, the SEA-EU alliance will be presented with an online culinary workshop aimed to promote Croatian gastronomy.
To whom it is intended?
The online culinary workshop is intended for everyone who wants to familiarise with Croatian gastronomy. Teaching and non-teaching staff, students and all others from six alliance countries interested in the event are welcome to complement the event.
The location of the online culinary workshop:
The workshop will be held in the restaurant Adriatic (

Who will cook?

The preparation of three recipes will be led by prof. Vedran Poljak, a teacher from the Hospitality and Gastronomy study program at the University of Split, who will be assisted by these students.

What are they cooking?

• Best rated three Croatian recipes (starter, main course, dessert).
Duration of the online culinary workshop:
• Maximum 2 hours.