Spanish Training in UCA

The University School of Modern Languages (Centro Superior de Lenguas Modernas, CSLM) offers Spanish as a foreign language teaching training program targeted to students as well as teachers.

This wide training offer includes, on the one hand, intensive Spanish courses online, according to the defined standards defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The programme consists of two hours daily with direct contact to highly experienced teachers who will provide different kinds of didactic proposals, resources and materials, all of them orientated to go in depth in the home learning and to deliver Spain, and also Cadiz, its language and its culture to wherever part of the world you are living in.

This training programme can be complemented with other specific courses, advised for people having at least an equivalent level of Spanish ability to B1 (pre-intermediate), whose objectives are to promote critique outlooks and to learn to provide personal assessments on socio-cultural issues, to interpret artworks and literary texts, and so forth, as well as the development of certain linguistic skills such as creative writing in Spanish.

All these courses are taught from Monday to Friday for two weeks with a global duration of 25 hours of training: 20 hours of teaching online, plus 5 hours of guided autonomous workload developed by the student. All participants succeeding the evaluation will be awarded a diploma from the University of Cadiz.

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Within the teaching sphere, the CSLM offers a wide range of courses whose goal is the professional retraining and the updating of resources for teaching Spanish. These courses are designed with different duration and themes to fit any professional profile: future teachers or other active professionals who wish to go in depth in specific aspects of this specialization.

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