The European University of the Seas unites over 68 faculties offering higher education to more than 122.832 students and education is one of the key elements of our alliance. 

The Education Subcommittee (ES) is composed of one representative of each partner university and incorporates students and representatives of other Associate Partners involved in Education and Training. The ES will be assisted by a team of deans and directors of doctoral schools of SEA-EU universities. 

The main role of the ES is to ensure consistency and quality of the education and training analyses, methods, policies and activities across SEA-EU. ES actions will be coordinated with the leaders of WPs developing education and training activities.  

We are working on an educational analysis to ensure that higher education systems in SEA-EU universities are sufficiently compatible and that students, researchers and academics can easily collaborate.

SEA-EU is also working on the development of educational policies for the recognition of qualifications as well as new forms of physical and virtual mobility.