2 December 2021

Digital: Teaching Day

Organised by the University of Kiel

We are pleased to invite you to the Day of Teaching 2021: Promoting participative teaching, on Friday, December 3rd at Kiel University. The event is organized by the Geschäftsbereich Qualitätsentwicklung (Department of Quality Development). This year the Day of Teaching will focus on partnerships between teachers and students to foster teaching development at the CAU.

At the beginning, Prof. Dr. Alison Cook-Sather (Bryn Mawr College) introduces a theoretical approach in a video presentation on the topic of student-faculty partnerships. During the following program, participants get the opportunity to discuss and reflect on different ways how teachers and students can develop teaching collaboratively. Topics include strengthening peer-to-peer formats as well as options of student participation regarding the conception of teaching and learning materials. As always, all participants discuss examples of good practice and experiences.

Cooperation between teachers and students is also the topic of the closing event. Prof. Peter Felten (Elon University), Dr. Kerrin Riewerts (Universität Bielefeld), Michael Wihlenda (Universität Tübingen) and students that work as tutors at the CAU contribute to the discussion round, which aims at developing possible approaches to individual teaching formats.

Please note that while the discussion and the impulse-video will be in English, all workshops will be held in German.

Basic facts
Tag der Lehre (Day of Teaching) 2021 – Promoting participative teaching
When: Friday, December 3rd, 8.45 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Where: Online, via Zoom

More information and application:


We look forward to your participation and to an enriching exchange of experiences and perspectives about effective teaching practices.