Further Training

The SEA-EU Further Training is an activity based on the principle of reciprocity: Each SEA-EU partner university offers Further Training courses to staff members (including administrative, technical and academical staff) from other partner universities.

Each partner opens its existing courses targeted to staff members for the alliance (reserving a few places for SEA-EU members) or even creates new courses for the alliance.

We strengthen our alliance by coordinating and maintaining an up-to-date list of Further Training courses. Thereby, SEA-EU staff members can obtain all the information needed for enrolment into these online courses here centrally. The platform/list is updated regularly as new courses become available.


Conditions of enrolment:

  • The course offers are meant for all staff members from SEA-EU Alliance Universities: Registration is only considered if made with a valid institutional email address.
  • By applying to any of the courses you agree that your data (name, affiliation, email) will be passed on to the course instructor and the corresponding universities’ entity in case your application is confirmed.
  • A certificate of participation will be issued, upon attendance to >80 % of the course.
  • Registration is binding.

List of upcoming courses from April to September 2022:


List of past courses:

Using LaTeX for Scientific Writing (UCA)

Introduction to Blockchain (UM)

Communication Skills for Young Leaders (CAU)

Sustainable Leadership (CAU)

Engaging Students effectively with interdisciplinary Education (CAU)

Master Your International Teamwork (CAU)

How to improve PHD supervision (CAU)

Coaching tools for University: Leading and Teaching (CAU)

Leadership skills for young leaders (CAU)

“Networking in Academia”: Social Media (CAU)

“Networking in Academia”: How to build a supportive network (CAU)