Futures Bootcamp

Towards a sustainable blue economy in 2030: Exploring opportunities for innovation and collaboration | Futures Bootcamp, University of Malta

Looking towards 2030, can we identify innovative solutions and collaborations for the sustainable growth of the blue economy? If you are researcher, academic or a student in marine and maritime-related areas, join us in exploring innovation opportunities and solutions to promote the sustainable growth of the blue economy, and to share experiences on cross-sectoral and inter-regional collaboration.


24th June (Virtual event)

15th – 17th September 2021 Face-to-face at the University of Malta, Valletta campus


Participants will forge new relationships, build a shared understanding of the challenges facing the blue economy, and identify innovative solutions across different sectors and areas of activity of the blue economy.

Who is the bootcamp for?

Researchers, academics, PhDs involved in research and/or entrepreneurial activities related to marine and maritime areas (aquaculture, fisheries, deep-sea mining, environmental and ocean monitoring, ocean energy, blue biotechnology, tourism, and the maritime cluster).

Apply here by the 10th May 2021

More about the programme here