Gender equality

The SEA-EU alliance has been working on the Equality topic from its very beginning. Inclusion and Equality are two of the key values of the European University of the Seas.

Local initiatives

The Identity Subcommitte has compiled local initiatives and activities regarding gender equality that take place in the partner universities. They are referenced in a BOOKLET (PDF) to give inspiration. From there, the subcommittee will design a series of activities to rise awareness on this very important topic.

Gender indicators

The alliance has also compiled data to analyse sex-disaggregated data about staff and students, following the guidelines produced at the European scale for academia and research, by the European Institute for Gender Equality. You can discover more about the situation across the alliance by exploring the REPORT (PDF).

Gender Equality Plan Meeting

A webinar has also been organised with SEA-EU Experts Panel, on “Implementing Gender Equality Plans in Academia. What have we learnt so far?”, on Thursday 14 October 2021.