Intensive Courses for Welcoming SEA-EU students: Call for Applications

Deadline: 5 June 2020

Description: It is widely agreed that even short periods of international mobility add to the student experience and can benefit academic and personal development and consequently enhance employability. It is also commonly agreed that this short-term mobilities more accessible by a more diverse community and thus reinforce inclusiveness

The SEA-EU alliance thus plans to implement Short-term mobilities in order to spread the benefits of international experience to a wider student community.

Call specifications

This call is dedicated to teachers of the SEA-EU alliance to propose welcoming training courses. SEA-EU will fund mobility costs associated with 12 projects of Intensive courses per year, each being aimed to enhance students’ personal understanding of a topic.

The Intensive Courses could focus on sharing new methodological approaches or theoretical contents; they could be either mono-disciplinary or interdisciplinary. The main aim of the program is to enrich student experience by giving an international perspective to his training program. As far as possible, the participation to the IC need to conduct to a Learning Recognition. 


The Intensive Courses are open to all disciplines, but will have to be designed for Bachelor students. The Intensive Courses might be no longer than 1 week. The maximum number of students funded to participate to each week is 15 (maximum 5 per partner country).


If you are a SEA-EU teacher interested by this initiative, please contact your SEA-EU office for having more details on the procedure.