Intensive Courses for SEA-EU students

It is widely agreed that even short periods of international mobility add to the student experience and can benefit academic and personal development and consequently enhance employability. It is also commonly agreed that this short-term mobilities are accessible by a more diverse community and thus reinforce inclusiveness.

SEA-EU thus plans to implement 12 Short-term mobility projects in order to spread the benefits of international experience to a wider student community. A call dedicated to teachers has been launched in early 2020 to identify Intensive Courses opportunities, each being aimed to enhance students’ personal understanding of a topic.

Short list of IC selected for 2020

  • Sports and Education Faculty Open Days / Organizing a Student sport and solidarity event / UBO- 15th April (new format- one day)
  • Radio frequency / UBO postponed to autumn
  • Field Biology – Coastal and Marine Habitats / UM
  • Irregular Migration by Sea and the Human Element of Maritime Security / UM
  • University Startup competition STup! / UNIST
  • School of Croatian Language and Culture / UNIST
  • Baltic Summer School – workshop at the sea and the coastal zone / UG
  • Amber in Palaeontology / UG
  • Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility from an International Perspective / UCA
  • Introduction to the monitoring of algal blooms with remote sensing / UCA

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If you are a SEA-EU teacher interested by this initiative, or a student interested to participate to one of these events, please contact your SEA-EU office for having more details on the procedure.

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