Join the race from home!

Hi everyone!

We are students from the University of Brest in Brittany (France). As you may know, we are getting close to our big event of the year : La Solidaire de Brest Décathlon.

For those who still don’t know what this event is, La Solidaire de Brest is an inclusive and charity run organised by the 3rd Sport Management degree students. Each year, we organised this run at Brest near the sea to raise money and awareness to associations helping disabled people. This year, we chose to dedicated each participation to Un rêve, un sourire and Les Joëlettes du Bout du Monde.

For those who ran last year, we really want to thank you first for your implication. Together we have been able to collect and give 6 000€ for Handichien and Association des Paralysés de France

In order to make it happen, we are happy to announce to you that YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RUN, WALK, BIKE, ROW ANYWHERE FROM THE 28TH OF MARCH TO THE 3RD OF APRIL to join us in this amazing adventure. (It’s totally free ! )

But how can I join this run? That’s very easy! This year, such as last year, we kept the digitized version of the run by using an app : Strava. During the week of the 28th March to the 3rd April, you will be able to record your physical activities on this application. You can follow the link below to find a little explanation video on how to use this app and the club Strava SEA-EU :