Join the Solidaire race in Brest

Register through your University SEA-EU office

The main event of the week is “La Solidaire”, a charity and inclusive run. The participants will represent their university during the race. Our project is to welcome students from SEA EU universities for 3 days. The purpose is to strengthen the links between SEA-EU universities, to allow students to discover another city and culture, how universities work in France, and especially at Brest’s university. The participants will be welcomed by students with sports management degrees. In addition to the participation at La Solidaire, the participants will take part in several activities that you can find in the programme below. There is no academic requirement to participate, and the participation of bachelor-level students is preferred.

Expected profile:

We would like to invite to Brest bachelor students who have a strong interest in the inclusive sport. We are looking for students who want to know more about sports event management. In addition, the trip could be interesting for students who are studying sport and educational sciences or for students who plan to do an Erasmus in Sports and Education Sciences over the next few years.