Master Research Internships 2024

Are you a Master student of any of the SEA-EU universities?

Are you searching for opportunities in a research lab/team for your internship?

Are you interested in one of the research topics proposed below?

More than 100 opportunities currently available for the academic year 2023-24 within SEA-EU. Join SEA-EU research teams!

Internships constitute a key learning moment  for you, as Master students, between studies and professional life, where curiosity, critical thinking and transversality are sharpened. In order to facilitate international mobility  between SEA-EU universities, we’ve been identyfing topics in all disciplines with motivated researchers willing to welcome Master Interns in their lab for a Master Research project in 2023-24. See full list below.

Please get in touch directly with researchers (contact details are in each topic description), sending them your CV, a letter of motivation and an academic transcript.

Hosting University Discipline  Title Detailed research project description, with contact
UNIST Mechanical engineering Prototyping and dynamical testing of advanced meta-materials and porous structures
UNIST Chemistry Skin ecobiology and aging
UBO Languages & literature The Digital Encyclopedia of British Sociability in the Long Eighteenth Century / Platform Evolution UBO-literrature-ref1.pdf
UBO Chemistry Synthesis and reactivity studies of diiron organometallic complexes related to the active site of [FeFe]-hydrogenase for small molecule activation
UBO Sociology Sports, water sports and territories: a comparative study of the organization of the sports system
UBO Biology Evaluating the biocontrol potential of spore forming bacteria
UBO Computer & information sciences Solar Energy harvesting to power an RF communicating system
UBO Biology Theory of holobiont
UBO Biology PHBV-SEA: Probing the Potential of Marine Bacterial and Fungal Isolates for PHBV Degradation through Exploring Novel Biodegradation Strategies including Synergistic Approaches
UBO Electronic engineering Transmission channel control in WiNoC (Wireless Network-on-Chip) and SiP (System in Package) circuits using the reverberation chamber concept
UBO Health sciences Functional consequences of missense mutations affecting a splicing factor in cancer
UBO Mechanical engineering Development of new composite materials using 3D printing: contribution of rheology to the study of 3D printability criteria for microwave electronics applications
UBO Political sciences Governance structures and practices in social media companies
UALG History & archaeology Maritime communities: Trade and Fishing (Medieval and Modern Times)
UALG Media & communications Screenwriting for documentaries
UALG Media & communications Media & Science Communication Practices
UALG Sociology Participation and Democratic Citizenship
UALG Sociology Social Cohesion and Youth Emancipation
UALG Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering Post-hoc attention with class activation mapping for fault classification of rotary machinery
UALG Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering MILAGE LEARN+: Digital Certification with Blockchain
UALG Environmental sciences Mapping the environmental risk of fishing ports
UALG Media & communications Design of a public exhibition about nature based solutions (in the Algarve) UAlg_Design of a public exhibition about nature based solutions (in the Ria Formosa)
UALG Economics & business Applications of machine learning in the hospitality industry for maximizing revenue
UALG Economics & business Pro-environmental behaviours for recycling
UALG Economics & business Sentiment analysis applied to tourism destinations experiential image
UALG Economics & business Blue Growth, structural change and resilience of coastal regions during the pandemic crisis
UALG Economics & business Storytelling heritage and/or art museums from visitors’ perspective
UALG Economics & business Sentiment analysis applied to tourism_exploring the TGC in tourism or hospitality
UALG Economics & business Comparative analysis of Ryanair operational bases in European Islands
UALG Media & communications Digital Communication
UALG Media & communications Strategic communication
UALG Media & communications Editorial design
UALG Media & communications Social design
UALG Biology Dietary effects of algae supplementation on Senegalese sole larvae resilience
UALG Biology Dietary effects of algae supplementation on gilthead seabream juveniles resilience
UALG Biology Re-purposed biological residues, through biotechnological processes
UALG Biology Biogeneration of phytobiotics from agro-industrial waste
UALG History & archaeology Prehistoric peoples in changing coastal environments
UALG Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering New underwater acoustic transducers and instruments for the Ocean acknowledgement and exploitation
UALG Mathematics Multimodal Framework for Emotions Classification
UALG Mathematics Framework for Human Attributes Classification
UALG Economics & business Tourism development of rural areas and residents’ quality of life
UALG Economics & business Sustainable tourism and Bauhaus impact at cultural strategies-European cultural capital cities
UALG Economics & business Consumer Experience Design
UALG Mathematics Cognitive Maps – modeling and artificial implementation
UCA Environmental engineering Environmental acoustics
UCA Chemical sciences Analytical tools in viticulture
UCA Chemical sciences Analytical tools in viticulture 2
UCA Chemical sciences Analytical tools in viticulture 3
UCA Chemical sciences Analytical tools in viticulture 4
UCA History & archaeology Translation of the contents of the web platform designed by the WONDERCOINS project
UCA Computer & information sciences INTELLICITIZEN. Building a framework for identifying problems in the city through social sensing
UCA Education Education, Sustainability and Crafts
UCA Chemical sciences Bio-waste valorisation for heavy metal sorption
UCA Chemical sciences Potential risk of exposure to metal pollutants present in dust from different environments (industrial, mining, port…)
UCA Chemical sciences Polymer inclusion membrane-based optical sensor for the metal ions analysis in real samples
UCA Health sciences Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, and Health
UCA Chemical sciences Forensic chemistry
UCA Economics & business Integrated Reporting, Accountability and Transport Industry
UCA Economics & business Integrated Reporting, Accountability and Transport Industry 2
UCA Economics & business Integrated Reporting, Accountability and Transport Industry 3
UCA Environmental sciences Water treatment for minimizing marine pollution through ballast water
UCA Materials engineering Product desing and material development for Additive Manufacturing
UCA Chemical sciences Analytical tools in viticulture
UCA Health sciences Understanding neurodegenerative disorders with cell-type specificit
UCA Computer & information sciences Privacy-preserving and human-centered analytics on distributed ledger technologies
UCA Environmental sciences Use of waste macroalgae to develop bioactive nanoparticles
UCA Social & economic geography Competitive Intelligence for hotel establishments
UCA Engineering & technology Experimental and numerical analysis of the dynamic behaviour of a water-to-water heat pump in a real building
UCA Chemical sciences Analytical tools in viticulture
UG Mathematics Optical characterization of infrared phosphors for fiber communication and bioimaging applications
UG Environmental sciences Recognition of source of origin of PM1 and PM2.5 aerosols and selected pollutants in sea surface microlayer in Port of Brest
UG Chemical sciences Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and their composites for sorption and photodegradation of organic pollutants
UG Chemical sciences Investigating the role of metal and ionic liqius modification in Metal Organic Frameworks for enhanced CO2 photoconversion
UG Economics & business The concept of sustainable seaport development
UG Economics & business The carbon footprint of Green Ports
UG Environmental sciences Daily activity and time budget of wintering long-tailed ducks Clangula hyemalis
UG Sociology Couple and Dog. Relationships and interspecies bonds in private life and public space – international perspective
UG History & archaeology Scales of prehistoric amber exploitation at the southern Baltic
UG Biological sciences Behavioural similarity of the partners and coordination of parental care in birds
UG Biological sciences How does the herpesvirus of seals modulate the immune response?
UG Biological sciences Cognitive abilities of birds
UG Biological sciences The influence of ciprofloxacin on microphytobenthic communities
UG Sociology Strengthening inclusion of families with children with disabilities. Social work and social assistance for better integration in local communities
UG Sociology The importance of learning culture in the adaptation process of students at foreign universities
UG Environmental engineering Synthesis and characterization of quantum dot-modified covalent organic frameworks for photocatalytic applications
UG Environmental engineering MOF-MOF heterostructures for efficient and selective CO2 photoconversion into valuable chemicals
UG Earth and related environmental sciences Tracking geomorphological effects of storm surges in the coastal zone of the Gulf of Gdańsk
UG Environmental biotechnology Synthesis of perovskite/MOF hybrids for CO2 photoconversion – from laboratory to pilot scale
UG Biological sciences Effect of pharmaceuticals on microphytobenthic communities
UPN Mechanical engineering Energy recovery from residual biomass
UCA Mechanical engineering Tribological study of AM materials
UCA Social & economic geography Coastal Heritage and Sustainable Tourism: Exploring Conservation and Community Engagement Strategies
UCA Earth and environmental sciences Searching for sustainability and environmental friendliness in an Laboratory of Electroanalysis
UCA Languages & literature Game-based English speaking test: Designing games
UCA Health sciences Sports science, physical activity, dance and health
UM Earth and environmental sciences Oceanography data acquisition and analysis
UG Social & economic geography The impact of a COVID-19 pandemic on local government investments
UG Economics & business Sustainable management in air transport
UG Social & economic geography Fundamental Power of City – new model and index for city development
UG Social & economic geography The impact of a nuclear power plant on its surroundings in the social, economic, and environmental context
UM Earth and related environmental sciences Renewable energy & sustainability
CAU Biological sciences Quality control on NGS-data, assembling bacterial genomes, gene expression analysis
CAU Biological sciences Metagenomes assembled genomes (MAGs) and viromes recovery from a longitudinal study of the human gut and dynamics analysis.
CAU Economics & business Foresight methods as a tool for developing a research and development strategy using the example of the BlueHealthTech project
Conditions of welcoming may change depending to local rules of both hosting/sending universities. You may also benefit of an Erasmus grant to be asked to your sending university; contact your Mobility/International Office.