SEA-EU Universities are committed to promoting digitalisation and innovative learning and teaching formats. Therefore, E-learning is our thing!
Our E-learning offers are aimed at everyone, who is interested in individual learning opportunities – even from home.

Our newest offering is our SEA-EU MOOC Series on a “Sustainable Use of the Ocean” (for access click on the respective tile below).

For this major project, all the current six SEA-EU partner universities have collaborated and created a series of 7 individual MOOCs according to their expertise in interdisciplinary marine and maritime sciences, as well as economics, management and social sciences. The topics all contribute to a “Sustainable Use of the Ocean” with the overall aim of providing a holistic picture of our human interactions with the ocean and suggestions for a more sustainable use of our ocean in the future.

What is a MOOC? What can you expect?

MOOC, short for massive open online course, is a virtual educational offer characterised by the following criteria:

Massive – in reach; although the primary target group for our MOOC series are interested Bachelor students and their lecturers, the MOOC Series generally aims for as many interested participants as possible!

Open – to all and for free. Participants just have to register on our moodle platform and, woosh, they are in;
there are no fees!

Online – accessible all around the clock and all the different learning materials provided on the platform can be worked through in one’s own pace!

Course – of a specific topic & high quality.

The series includes the following 7 MOOCs:

  1. An Introduction to Sustainability
  2. Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology (UCA)
  3. Deep-Sea Challenges (CAU)
  4. Operational Oceanography for the Service of Society (UBO)
  5. Sustainability & Coastal Tourism (UNIST)
  6. Logistics & Transport (UG)
  7. Maritime Migration (UM)

Additional Info

While MOOC 1 gives a general introduction into the topic of Sustainability, MOOC 2-7 rely on the individual expertise for a “Sustainable Use of the Ocean” by each of the partner universities.

To ensure scientific accuracy and an engaging learning opportunity not only lecturers from SEA-EU universities but also e-learning experts and the professional design agency TAU have collaborated to develop this format. Finally, the MOOC Series shines through its diversity in content and media, displaying e.g. students’ projects and universities’ individual collaborations with external agencies, videos and texts, quizzes and an automated issuing of certificates of participation as well as an accessible access to most of the materials.

Other E-Learning tools

Next to the SEA-EU MOOC Series SEA-EU created two other e-learning tools, digiTeachKit & digiCruise.

While digiTeachKit is a repository for open education resources compiled for lecturer / teachers to improve and inspire their digital teaching, digiCruise offers the digital experience of joining a virtual excursion with the German research vessel Alkor in the Kiel Fjord, including the simulation of scientific sampling and the analysis of real scientific data from the Kiel Fjord. In the follow-up cruise, in digiCruiseEurope, marine data is also taken in the local seas of our partners in Gdansk, Brest and Malta and can be compared internationally among each other.

Please find all access data on the tiles above (please click on the respective tiles).

Have fun exploring them all!

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