My SEA-EU Summer School Experience – Peter Iregbeyen

Peter Iregbeyen and some thoughts about the ocean

Peter Iregbeyen; an insight of the thought that floods our minds as we think about the ocean.

The SEA-EU summer school was for me a most educative, enlightening and informative experience. The subject of ocean sustainability has never been so talked about or driven home like it was at the various sessions. For each of the participants, it was a time of reflection on our backgrounds, our environment and the subsequent action points needed to preserve and sustain our beautiful Ocean.

Although these images are truly beautiful, it becomes highly disheartening to find out that little or nothing is been done in so many countries around the world to preserve this. Almost everyone either wants to live in the coastal city or visit the coastal city.

At the sessions, various reports and breakout sessions proved that nearly all the participants had high population and economic activities around the coastal areas yet there is not enough proof of what is being done to sustain it. Various challenges range from unlawful disposal of industrial waste at the sea, unregulated fishing activities, the ever-increasing challenges of plastics disposal in the sea and much much more.

During some of the breakout sessions, we were invited to recount our ocean experience, write an ocean story, talk about ocean sustainability in our own words, proffer solutions to the very obvious Challenges facing ocean sustainability… We came up with diverse and amazing ideas for future regulations and research-based activities.

The Summer School was certainly an opportunity to make new friends just as if we were present for this summer school. We met people from Egypt, Italy, Germany, Nigeria, and from other countries too. We had a cooking session where we cooked together and learned about the good food in different countries. We worked on different projects in breakout teams and even created a story together.

Indeed, despite being virtual, the SEA-EU Summer School had nothing missing when compared to an on-site experience, so much so that on the closing day, no one wanted to leave the room.

Have a look at the script for the story created by my group during one of the sessions.

Despite the short time, we were about to put together this story of what could have happened on a normal day around the beach, from the characters, to the plot, wildlife vs tourist vs local population, actions/reactions

Thank you to the organizers, the lecturers, the University of Malta and the sponsors as the SEA-EU Summer School which has given birth to a new generation of young men and women who know what to do when the opportunity arises and even create one if need be. Looking forward to the next session.