„Networking in academia“: How to build a supportive network


Course instructor:

Dr. Mirjam Gleßmer; Fascinocean

This course will be offered in collaboration with the Continuing Professional Development Center at Kiel University.


Target Audience:

This online workshop is open to all academic staff (from research and teaching) from SEA-EU member universities.


Online, a link will be sent prior to the course

Detailed Description:

Good mentorship can make or break careers, but it is almost impossible to find one mentor to fulfill all mentoring needs. Therefore, an alternative approach is to build and actively participate in a network of (peer-)mentors. In this workshop, we first map out mentoring needs that typically arise in the course of a scientific career, like, for example, strategic advice, professional development, accountability, feedback, and emotional support. We then consider our existing networks under the lens of how a person or a resource can help fill specific needs. Lastly, we look at gaps in the mentoring map and discuss how they can be filled: what quality in person or resource is needed, where it could be found, and how it can be approached and integrated into our mentoring network. While the focus is on your needs and how to get them met, in the context of this workshop, networking is always as much about giving as about receiving. The workshop “Networking in academia: Social Media” (which runs over the following Tuesday nights) works well in combination with this one, especially in times of social distancing and for participants who are not able to travel. It gives a practical, hands-on introduction into how to build your network online. 

Learning targets:


  • understand their own mentoring needs
  • can identify who in their network can contribute in what way
  • know what gaps there are still to fill
  • can apply strategies how to fill those or future gaps



1 Day:

Tuesday, 09 November 2021

19:00 – 20:30 h



In order to register for “Networking in Academia: How to build a supportive network” please write an e-mail to press_seaeu@kms.uni-kiel.de stating your affiliation to:

  • university
  • department

The Application Deadline is 04 November 2021.



Places for SEA-EU international participants are limited and will be attributed on a first-come-first-served-basis.


Please note:

Each person who is granted a place will receive an email from the SEA-EU@CAU team with further instructions by 05 November 2021. Without this confirmation e-mail you are not allowed to participate in the course.

All further registrations will be put on a waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available in the course, you will receive a message from us. If you have not received a message by 09 November 2021, you have not been allocated a place on this course.

If the minimum number of participants of 8 cannot be reached, the event will have to be cancelled for financial reasons.


Conditions of enrolment:

  • The course offers are meant for staff members of the SEA-EU Alliance Universities: Registration is only considered if made with a valid institutional email address.
  • By applying to this course, you agree that your data (name, affiliation, email) will be shared with the course instructor and the Continuing Professional Development Center at Kiel University if your application is confirmed.
  • A certificate of participation will be issued, upon attendance to >80% of the course.
  • Registration is binding.