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On the morning of Friday, April 16, Prof. Fidel Echevarría was sworn in as the new General Coordinator of the European University of the Seas. Almost two months ago, our general coordinator Prof Jose Antonio Muñoz-Cueto communicated to the Rector of the University of Cadiz, Francisco Piniella, that he was considering stepping down from his […]

The Vice-Rectorates of Culture and Internationalization of the University of Cadiz, with the sponsorship of the Provincial Council of Cadiz, are launching the program of Cultural Routes and Itineraries “CIR-UCA”. This program was created to generate a meeting point and multicultural and language exchange between ERASMUS students and the university community around the many valuable […]

One of the main tasks that SEA-EU is developing in order to link our Alliance to society is the creation of the Service Learning Center. With this objective, a group of experts from the 6 universities are regularly meeting to share ideas, good practices, and to start creating this center. During the meeting, Ivana Buzov […]

A “Funding Morning” organised by the University of Malta’s SEA-EU Team was held on February 19th in collaboration with the Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST). MCST’s National Contact Points (NCPs) introduced new Research and Innovation opportunities, available as part of the new Horizon Europe Programme, to enhance collaborations for sustainability within the SEA-EU […]

The Observatory of Migration and Human Rights of SEA-EU has launched three working groups where severan experts from the 6 universities will work on topics regarding migration, international law, and human rights. During the morning, the meetings of these groups have taken place consecutively, with breaks between them, in order to focus the task on […]

On the morning of January 20, 2021, the first meeting of the working group for the SDGs took place virtually. A working group created to implement these objectives in an organized way in the universities of the alliance. In this first run, a total of 20 experts have presented in what ways they are currently […]

During last December a public vote took place to choose the best photographs under the motto “the sea and us”. The six universities that make up SEA-EU organized local phases that resulted in a total of 18 European finalists. Photographs of high artistic and creative value were presented and the final vote of a professional […]

Last Thursday, October 29, the first meeting of the Stakeholders Group of the Alliance of the European University of the Seas took place. A successful meeting thanks to the attendance and participation of representatives of entities with broad expertise in areas related to the SEA-EU lines of action. During the meeting, the members had the […]

University of Brest in cooperation with University of Split has organised the first  CO-CREATION WORKSHOP  during the past Tuesday, October 27 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.   CO-CREATION as a model exists in certain SEA-EU universities, such as the University of Brest, which through this workshop will share an example of good practices with […]

Students can now apply to these opportunities for Erasmus+ Student Traineeship. English, French or German Language Assistant  (places available:  English – 6; French – 1; German – 3). From November 2020 until June 2021,You will provide support for language learning through activities such as practical conversation classes including sociocultural aspects of the language in question. […]