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University of Brest in cooperation with University of Split has organised the first  CO-CREATION WORKSHOP  during the past Tuesday, October 27 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.   CO-CREATION as a model exists in certain SEA-EU universities, such as the University of Brest, which through this workshop will share an example of good practices with […]

Students can now apply to these opportunities for Erasmus+ Student Traineeship. English, French or German Language Assistant  (places available:  English – 6; French – 1; German – 3). From November 2020 until June 2021,You will provide support for language learning through activities such as practical conversation classes including sociocultural aspects of the language in question. […]

On September 30, the second meeting of the SEA-EU Student Board took place. 12 representatives of students from partner universities, as well as technicians from the SEA-EU office of all members, debated for two hours the possible improvements and suggestions for some of the actions that are being carried out by the European University of […]

It is a commission of international experts with senior positions in matters related to the lines of work of the European University of the Seas, which will give advice and monitor the progress of the alliance. On September 16, 2020, the first meeting of the Advisory Council of the SEA-EU alliance took place virtually, a […]

The first videoconference to launch the SEA-EU-DOC project has taken place, convened by the partners of the University of Bretagne Occidentale, the coordinating institution of this project nested in SEA-EU. SEA-EU-DOC is an Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships for higher education project. It associates all the six universities of SEA-EU: UBO (Brest), UCA (Cadiz), CAU (Kiel), […]

A publication examining the web of applicable international rules regulating one of the most important obligations at sea will be on the shelves as of recently. The study focuses on an assessment of the duty to render assistance in light of contemporary challenges posed by the phenomenon of irregular migration by sea, a problem which […]

15 experts in migration, law and human rights have met virtually during the first session to create the SEA-EU Observatory of Migration and Human Rights. One of the main tasks undertaken by the SEA-EU alliance is aimed to build a scientific establishment equipped with the instruments used to observe migration and human rights in the […]

The University of Split, our partner, and leader of the tasks involving the linking of training and research with an international dimension, presented a workshop on digitalisation for all the members of the alliance. UNIST ViceRector of Education, Goran Kardum, presented the workshop and Fraçois Pradal, responsible of the ESC Project, attended to share facts […]

The University of Cadiz has been awarded with the Human Resources Excellence in Research Award, being now 4 the universities in SEA-EU Alliance that have it. The University of Kiel, the University of Bretagne Occidentale, the University of Split and the University of Cadiz. This award reflects the commitment our universities have to continuously improve […]

Held by videoconference, it was attended by rectors, vice-rectors and students of the SEA-EU alliance and representatives of the European Commission On the last 13th of July the first Governing Board of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) took place virtually as a preventive measure in this de-escalation situation after the confinement due to […]