44 Alliances meet in Brussels 6 March 2023

On March 6, the meeting convened by the European Commission took place in Brussels to bring all the coordinators of University Alliances around the same table. It was a consultation meeting with diverse topics, not only on the development of the Alliances, but also on numerous issues that are emerging as the work progresses.

Held in the Albert Borschette Centre in Brussels, the meeting was attended by representatives of the coordination of a total of 44 European University Alliances. In the case of the European University of the Seas, SEA-EU, the delegation representing the coordination was formed by Fidel Echevarría and Laura Howard, General Coordinator and General Director respectively.

The meeting was chaired by Vanessa Debiais-Sainton, Head of Unit DG EAC.B1 Higher Education and José-Lorenzo Vallés, Head of Unit EACEA.A1 European Higher Education.
The agenda included an update on policy developments at European level as well as discussions on the monitoring framework for the European Universities initiative and on the investment pathway for European Universities post 2027, a topic that demonstrates the strong intention of all Alliances to continue in time understanding this process, more than as a project, as a deep transformation that is here to stay.
Communication activities around the outcomes and activities of the alliances and closer cooperation among alliances and between alliances and their ecosystems were also discussed. It is worth mentioning here the recent creation of a group of representatives of communication and dissemination of the Alliances, which is currently working on a series of joint publications.

This meeting has been an enormous opportunity for all attendees, and they have expressed this, highly valuing the exchange of experiences, ideas and challenges with representatives of other Alliances, as well as with the European Commission itself.