EUROMARINE-UCA SEA-EU International Marine Science Seminars to be held in July 16 June 2023

The EuroMarine network, the University Institute of Marine Research (INMAR) of the University of Cadiz, the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) alliance and the International Doctoral School in Marine Studies (EIDEMAR: UCA and CEI-Mar) are co-organising a series of international seminars on Marine Sciences in the first fortnight of July with the participation of specialists from Denmark, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the UK. The Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences at the Puerto Real Campus will host these eight meetings of excellence, which will also be broadcast online.

The lectures, which will take place at 11.30 a.m. (CEST), are part of the EuroMarine Summer School on “Emerging Themes in Coastal Marine Ecosystems” (eTOPs). The ecological and socio-economic impacts of marine heatwaves’, followed the next day by Sam Dupont from the University of Gothenburg with the lecture ‘What do we (really) need to address ocean acidification? What do we (really) need to address ocean acidification? From science to action). Giuseppe Suaria from CNR-ISMAR in Lerici will speak on Thursday 6th on the ‘Global occurrence, abundance and distribution of macro and microplastic pollution in oceanic environments’ and Miguel A. Mateo from CEAB-CSIC in Blanes will end the first week on Friday 7 with ‘The palaeoecological approach based on the seagrass sedimentary record’.

The scientist Patrizio Mariani from the Technical University of Denmark DTU will continue on Monday 10th with ‘Applied underwater technologies: automation and robotics for ocean observations’. On Tuesday 11th, Ignacio Gestoso from INMAR will talk about ‘Marine biological invasions: mechanisms, impacts, and management’. On Thursday 13th, Antonio Tovar from the ICMAN-CSIC of Cádiz will talk about the ‘Environmental impact of sunscreens: Using new technology for sustainable tourism’ and Mark Costello from the University of Nord will conclude this series of excellent lectures on Friday 14th with ‘Global ocean biogeography: Latitude, depth, climate change, 20 C Effect’.

For these 10 hours of postgraduate training, both students and interested researchers must register (registration). Online attendees will receive a Zoom link to participate in the event.