European Day 15 May 2023

The traditional Europe Day event organised by the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalisation of the University of Cadiz was held on 9 May. It began with the hoisting of the European flag by 2 students, followed by the singing of the European anthem and the interpretation of the Gaudeamus Igitur.

Several personalities spoke at the event, including the general coordinator of SEA-EU, Fidel Echevarría. In his speech, he highlighted the growth of the alliance and the importance of the union of European countries. He also spoke of the current situation in some areas of the continent where there are serious conflicts and how important it is to move towards a Europe based on peace and collaboration between all the countries that make up the continent.


SEA-EU is intrinsically European, our values are European values and we believe in what it means to be part of Europe.