Fidel Echevarría takes office as new SEA-EU General Coordinator 16 April 2021

On the morning of Friday, April 16, Prof. Fidel Echevarría was sworn in as the new General Coordinator of the European University of the Seas.

Almost two months ago, our general coordinator Prof Jose Antonio Muñoz-Cueto communicated to the Rector of the University of Cadiz, Francisco Piniella, that he was considering stepping down from his position as Rector’s Delegate in charge of SEA-EU for personal reasons.

In order to ensure a smooth transition and the continued development of the project, Prof. Fidel Echevarría has accepted the Rector’s proposal to take over the role of general coordinator of SEA-EU (short CV). Prof Echevarría has participated in SEA-EU from the very beginning. He travelled with Prof Muñoz-Cueto to visit most of the partners during the configuration of the Alliance, was actively involved in the drafting of the proposal and has also been playing an active role in the implementation of the project. In addition, he is the leader in Cádiz of the nested project SEA-EU-DOC.

During the ceremony, the Rector of the University of Cádiz, José Antonio Muñoz Cueto, and the new General Coordinator, Fidel Echevarría, joined forces and enthusiasm to start this new stage that ensures continuity in terms of work method and philosophy and means the long-term sustainability of SEA-EU.