First Day of SEA-EU Alliance Governing Week Kicks Off in Gdansk 27 June 2023

The Governing Week of the SEA-EU Alliance commenced today at the University of Gdansk, marking the beginning of a series of high-level discussions and collaborative efforts. The first session included the Technical working group of reSEArchEU, the Technical working group of the Alliance, and a remarkable Ukrainian Day.

The Technical working group of reSEArchEU convened to delve into the intricacies of research cooperation within the SEA-EU Alliance. Member universities engaged in productive exchanges, sharing insights and strategies towards the final months of the project.

Simultaneously, the Technical working group of the Alliance placed significant emphasis on the subject of mobility. Attendees deliberated on ways to bolster mobility programs, facilitate student and academic exchanges, and promote cross-cultural understanding among member institutions. By addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with mobility, the group aimed to create a more seamless and enriching educational experience for students within the SEA-EU Alliance.

Adding to the event’s significance was the Ukrainian Day, a special occasion that brought together distinguished guests from various organizations. The event was inaugurated by Piotr Stepnowski, the Rector of the University of Gdansk, and Fidel Echevarría, the General Coordinator of the SEA-EU Alliance. Representatives from the University of Odesa, with whom SEA-EU has a collaborative agreement, participated actively in the discussions and presented all the offer at their university. The Consul of Ukraine, representatives from the invited EPICUR Alliance, and representatives from the Erasmus Agency in Ukraine also contributed to the exchange of ideas.

The Ukrainian Day offered a platform for comprehensive dialogues on academic collaboration, cultural exchange, and joint initiatives between the SEA-EU Alliance and Ukrainian institutions. Participants explored avenues to deepen existing partnerships, expand academic networks, and explore new avenues for cooperation. This event further solidified the commitment of both the SEA-EU Alliance and Ukrainian counterparts to foster enduring ties and realize shared objectives.