Joint PhD Academic Committee Meeting in Split 20 June 2023

First face-to-face meeting for the design of the Marine and Maritime Science and Technologies Doctoral Programme.


The University of Split hosted today the first session of the Joint PhD Academic Committee Meeting. The meeting brought together experts from partner universities involved in the creation of the first SEA-EU Joint PhD programme.

The Joint PhD Academic Committee, comprising renowned scholars and researchers from partner institutions (University of Split, University of Cadiz, University of Bretagne Occidentale, University of Malta, University of Algarve and NORD University) convened to discuss and deliberate on various crucial aspects of the SEA-EU Joint PhD programme. The committee’s primary objective is to facilitate the development and implementation of an innovative and collaborative doctoral programme that bridges the academic communities in the Alliance.

During the meeting, the committee members engaged in productive discussions on curriculum design, research focus areas, student exchanges, and overall structure. The participants shared valuable insights, experiences, and best practices from their respective universities, contributing to the collective vision of fostering high-quality research and academic collaboration.

The University of Split, as the host institution for this meeting, showcased its commitment to international academic cooperation and promoted a vibrant exchange of ideas. The picturesque coastal city of Split served as an inspiring backdrop for the meeting, encouraging creativity and intellectual stimulation.