SEA-EU General Coordinator visits the University of Algarve at the start of the second stage of the Partnership 19 January 2023

The SEA-EU Delegation at the UCA has started the accompaniment plan for the three new partners of the consortium with a visit to the University of Algarve where they have been able to meet the government team, associate members, and staff assigned to work on the project.


On Monday 16th January, coinciding with the official launch of SEA-EU 2.0, a delegation formed by the General Coordinator of the Alliance, Fidel Echevarría, together with the General Director, Laura Howard, as well as the Director of Planning and Monitoring, Antonio Javier González, traveled to Faro to make the first of what will be three institutional visits that make up the Plan for accompanying new SEA-EU partners.

At the end of July, the European Commission approved the renewal of the Consortium of universities by extending its membership to include the universities of Algarve (Portugal), Naples Parthenope (Italy) and NORD (Norway). In order to carry out a process of welcoming and getting to know each other, those responsible for the coordination of the Alliance, which is again held by the UCA, have designed a plan composed of visits and working sessions to make possible a smooth collaboration from the beginning.

The Rector of the University of Algarve, Paulo Águas, received and accompanied the SEA-EU delegation at all times, which was able to meet with the government team, the specific working group for the tasks committed to with the European Commission, as well as with the associate members provided by this university. It was an intense and fruitful day that demonstrated the commitment and enthusiasm that the University of Algarve and its rector’s team put into the European University of the Seas.

This accompaniment plan will continue in February with a visit to the University of Naples Parthenope, in Italy, and in March with a visit to NORD University, in Norway.