SEA-EU bus! students from Split can go to campus for free reducing carbon footprint 24 March 2022

The SEA-EU office at the University of Split, Croatia, has coordinated the launch of a SEA-EU bus that will serve as a free shuttle for students to reach the campus and opt for public transport, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

This action has been developed as part of the campaign:”We want to be a sustainable University”.

The central role in this action is carried out by the members of the University of Split in the SDG expert group.

Some of the actions they are undertaken are:
  • to arrange the bus line and to dress it into the SEA-EU label
  • to make a poster for all the faculties and departments about our intention to be more sustainable
  • to make an article about our intention to be more sustainable and to present the work of the SDG group and it will be published soon
  • bike racks on campus
This is a free bus line that was agreed by the Rector of the University of Split, Prof. Dragan Ljutić, who made a decision to finance a special bus line for the students. That bus line connects the student dorm with the student campus. The aim of that action is to reduce the footprint and make students use less of their cars and more buses.