SEA-EU Co-Creation Workshop 27 October 2020

University of Brest in cooperation with University of Split has organised the first  CO-CREATION WORKSHOP  during the past Tuesday, October 27 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


CO-CREATION as a model exists in certain SEA-EU universities, such as the University of Brest, which through this workshop will share an example of good practices with the UBO Open Factory. Living Labs facilitate collaborative creation, creativity and prototyping as a multidisciplinary open innovation laboratory. As such, they provide a meeting place, equipment and expertise that promote work-based learning, developing collaborative and multidisciplinary projects in research and education.

All these values are essential in the SEA-EU philosophy, shared by all the partners who also had the opportunity to present example of good practices.


This workshop presented the experiences of different collaborative spaces, day labs, fab labs, open factories, exploring the best model to apply within the SEA-EU alliance.