SEA-EU Governing Board visits the OCEANOGRAF 2 June 2022

The members of the SEA-EU Alliance Governing Board visited the oceanographic vessel OCEANOGRAF, which was in Kiel on its way to Cadiz, on Thursday 2 June.
The General Coordinator of the Alliance, together with the Vice-President of the University of Kiel, gave a press conference on board highlighting the symbolic nature of this activity. A group of researchers from the 6 partner universities on board a ship visiting the coasts of Gdansk, Kiel, Brest and Cadiz.
“A floating university that unifies everything we want in SEA-EU: research, training and dissemination of knowledge, disseminating the European Commission’s initiative”.

The Rector of the University of Gdansk, Piotr Stepnowski, welcomed everyone with a toast, highlighting his gratitude to the partner universities for the support on this activity.
After these words, the 25 members of the delegation visited the main parts of the ship, such as the research equipment, the wet and dry laboratory, or the bridge, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The English Channel, the Bay of Biscay and the Kaletan Strait are just some of the bodies of water that the UG ship R/V Oceanograf will visit in the upcoming days. The progress of our researchers can be followed on the expedition’s website. This is a new feature that uses a widget created by, a portal that tracks the maritime activity of marine vehicles around the world. Thanks to the global AIS system, we can see in real-time how our brave catamaran is approaching Cadiz.