SEA-EU Governing Week hosted by the University of Gdansk: A Resounding Success 29 June 2023

The University of Gdansk has hosted during this week the Governing Week of the SEA-EU alliance, an event that brought together members from partner institutions across Europe. The week-long affair was filled with fruitful discussions, engaging presentations, and exciting activities, leaving participants with a sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm for the future.

The Governing Board, a key highlight of the week, took place today, where important decisions were made to shape the direction of the alliance. Furthermore, the board witnessed the unveiling of the new alliance logo, a symbol that represents flexibility, innovation, inclusion, unity, and a shared vision among the SEA-EU partners.

In addition to the board meeting, attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in cultural and artistic experiences. An event at the National Museum of Gdansk featured an enlightening talk by the museum’s director, who delved into the fascinating history of Hans Memling’s triptych, ‘The Final Judgment.’ This provided valuable insight into the region’s rich heritage and artistic achievements.

Yesterday, prior to the Governing Board, the Executive Committee meeting set the stage for collaboration and progress. Work Package leaders shared their latest advances in the different tasks of the project. The afternoon brought several parallel meetings, with sustainability emerging as a central topic of discussion. The cities council and ports council convened and, in a joint effort, identified common areas of interest and potential avenues for collaboration during a dedicated half-hour session. The Student Council, an integral part of the SEA-EU alliance, also convened, allowing students to present their proposed initiatives and future plans during the Governing Board session.

As the week draws to a close, most attendees will be bidding farewell to Gdansk. However, a group will continue their journey with a special cruise to the Seals sanctuary in Hel. This excursion promises to provide a unique opportunity to explore the region’s natural beauty and raise awareness about environmental conservation—a core value of the SEA-EU alliance.

Reflecting on the accomplishments of the week, Rector Stepnowski of the University of Gdansk passed the presidency baton to Rector Luitjic of UNIST. The next Governing Week is scheduled to take place in Split, Croatia, in December. Anticipation is high for the upcoming event, which will undoubtedly build upon the achievements and progress made during the University of Gdansk’s hosting of the Governing Week.

In conclusion, the Governing Week of SEA-EU hosted by the University of Gdansk proved to be an outstanding success. It brought together leaders, researchers, and students from diverse backgrounds, fostering collaboration and innovation across the alliance. The engaging presentations, productive meetings, and cultural experiences have set a positive tone for the future endeavors of the SEA-EU alliance.