SEA-EU Observatory of Migrations and Human Rights organises their first joint congress 25 May 2021

The SEA-EU Observatory for Migration and Human Rights

The reception of migrants is a European reality on which SEA-EU has the ambition to develop a determined action. The maritime and port nature of all the partner institutions of SEA-EU, integrated into trade networks, has placed them at the heart of the migration issue since time immemorial. SEA-EU therefore believes that it has a real legitimacy to address this issue among its priorities. Therefore, in line with the project proposal, the SEA-EU Observatory for Migration and Human Rights has been launched, gathering a multidisciplinary team of experts on migration.

Find here the Contributions to the first Observatory online event, the 25th may 2021

Scientific Committee of the SEA-EU Observatory for Migration and Human Rights:

Silja Klepp, Professor of Human Geography, CAU/ Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, Associate Professor at Institute of Psychology Division of Intercultural Psychology and Gender Psychology, UG / Felicity Attard, Lecturer in International Law, UM / Patricia Vella de Fremeaux, Associate Professor in International Law, UM / Sanja Stanic, Full Professor of Sociology , UNIST / Alejandro Del Valle, Full Professor of Public International Law and International Relations, UCA / Miguel Angel Acosta Sanchez, Associate professor in International Public Law, UCA / Lorena Calvo Mariscal, PhD Researcher, Assistant Lecturer of Public International Law, UCA / Annie Cudennec, Full Professor in Public Law, UBO/ Nilsa Rojas Hutinel, Lecturer in Public Law, UBO.