SEA-EU wins backing from Europe again and obtains €14.4 million in funding for further growth 27 July 2022

The SEA-EU FOR ALL proposal, which is coordinated by UCA and includes the incorporation of three new partner universities, has been approved by the European Commission.


The European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) expands its horizon, its partners and its funding, consolidating itself as a reference in the construction of the new European knowledge area based on the essential role of universities. SEA-EU is growing in partners, activities and resources. This has been confirmed by the European Commission after the publication of the resolution of the call for the renewal of Partnerships belonging to the European Universities Initiative.

Thus, the proposal submitted by SEA-EU, on which all the participating universities have worked rigorously over the last few months, has achieved the requested renewal and has considerably increased its budget, with a budget for the next four years of 14.4 million euros (which triples the amount obtained three years ago). This institutional and financial backing from the European Commission is undoubtedly a success for an Alliance that is now officially made up of a total of nine universities covering a large part of the European continent’s coastline: The University of Cadiz (which maintains its role as coordinating institution), University of Western Brittany (France), University of Kiel (Germany), University of Gdansk (Poland), University of Split (Croatia) and University of Malta, which were already part of the consortium, are now joined by the University of Algarve (Portugal), the University of Naples Parthenope (Italy) and the Nord University (Norway).

The European Commission has positively assessed the completeness of the activity report submitted and the strategic activity proposal to extend the scope of action for the next four years. Thus, the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) has managed to renew this label and significantly increase funding through its proposal entitled “SEA-EU FOR ALL”. The documentation presented rigorously describes the evolution and development of the multiple activities developed by the Alliance in its first three years of life since 2019, when it embarked on the path towards a transformation in Higher Education through a super Campus formed so far by six European universities.

This transnational campus, now with nine committed universities and more than 20 cities involved, already welcomes more than 150,000 students and 18,000 employees who will be involved by the objectives that are at the heart of this proposal. A line of action that involves more mobility, multilingualism and personal and professional development, according to the needs and potential of each partner thanks to the expansion of shared resources.

In his first statements following the positive resolution, the rector of the University of Cadiz, Francisco Piniella, said that “this is great news for the UCA, which strengthens its European commitment and its international coastal vocation. In this sense,” he added, “excellence is always, as Ramón y Cajal said, the result of an effort of intelligence, which in this case is shared. Achievements are never a discovery, but a conquest, materialised thanks to the efforts of all the people of the nine universities that have been involved in a serious and ambitious proposal to continue growing and building a Europe that is strong in knowledge and values. In particular -he recalled- “we must highlight the coordination work carried out by the human team of the Rector’s Delegation for the European University of the Seas throughout this time, starting with its two coordinators, professors José Antonio Muñoz Cueto in the first stage of implementation of the project and Fidel Echevarría since April 2021”.

In this sense, the rector of the UCA wanted to “reaffirm the commitment of the University of Cadiz to the European University of the Seas. Today we are restarting a journey that began three years ago, but we do so with the strength of a job well done and with the encouragement of the backing of the European Commission, whose unwavering support will allow us to continue to grow. The SEA-EU is growing and this is possible thanks to the work of all the people who have made it possible for the University of Cadiz to continue coordinating such an important project for the UCA, for the province, for Andalusia and for Spain.


find here the executive dossier.