Second edition of the inter-university Marine Data Literacy course 10 October 2022

The second edition of the inter-university Marine Data Literacy course organised by the European University of the Seas – SEA-EU partnership will be held in the academic year 2022/2023. The course is a pioneering project whose main objective is to improve skills in searching, understanding and using marine data.


Both students and lecturers will have the unique opportunity to participate in an international and inter-university initiative. Lectures and workshops will be delivered by a team of lecturers and mentors from six SEA-EU partner universities from Gdansk, Cadiz, Brest, Kiel, Split and Malta.

The workshops for the selected group of students will take place in Cadiz from 28.11.2022 – 2.12.2022. Students and PhD students qualified for the trip will be supported by the Erasmus programme. For those who will not be going to Cadiz, it is possible to participate online.

The course will culminate with a project carried out by students in international groups. Students will obtain ECTS credits and integrate the course into their study plan or obtain an entry in their Diploma Supplement.

The course is designed for Master’s students and Doctoral Schools/Doctoral studies students of all disciplines. In exceptional cases, undergraduate students will also be allowed to participate.

The course is taught in English.

The course offer is available on the Sea EU Data Literacy Course ( website,

The people interested in the course are welcome to attend an online information meeting on Tuesday, 20.09.2022 at 11:00 (link to the meeting: Click here to join the meeting

Additional information about the course can be obtained from the local UG coordinator: Dr Aleksandra Dudkowska,