Second meeting of the SEA-EU Advisory Board 26 May 2021

During the afternoon of Wednesday, May 26, the second meeting of the Advisory Board of the alliance took place. In this second meeting, the group has welcomed the new general coordinator of SEA-EU, who has highlighted the importance of his advice and suggestions to achieve the excellence of this project.

After a round of presentations, the SEA-EU Technical Manager has briefly presented a summary of the midterm report delivered to the commission in order to hear the advice for improvement of this group of experts. Subsequently, they spoke about the main achievements of this first year and a half, as well as the difficulties resulting from the pandemic. Concerns have been put on the table, such as the incorporation of new members to the alliance, or the feeling of belonging and the commitment of all the SEA-EU communities.

Finally, the members of the Advisory Board have remained in the room alone to discuss and share their points of view.