Sustainable Developement Goals in SEA-EU 20 January 2021

On the morning of January 20, 2021, the first meeting of the working group for the SDGs took place virtually.

A working group created to implement these objectives in an organized way in the universities of the alliance. In this first run, a total of 20 experts have presented in what ways they are currently including SDGs in their faculties and a debate has been opened on how to create common criteria to include specific modules on this subject.

The round of presentations was started by the University of Gdansk, which highlighted one of its initiatives, the “EcoPark” that follows the objective 11 of the SDGs “Sustainable Cities”. EcoPark is a space that unifies education, research and entertainment. Malta continued by presenting the Subcommittee for the existing SDGs at UM. The University of Split invited experts from multiple faculties to present the various ways they have to apply the SDGs in their classes. CAU highlighted among several actions, the School of sustainability. UBO highlighted that sustainable development is a key piece and an essential issue in the policies of its university. They are currently in the implementation phase of a sustainable development plan. Finally, the UCA presented various actions that are developed from different faculties and areas, a questionnaire that can serve as a starting point for discussions and analysis.

Once again, SEA-EU’s sustainability values ​​are the driving force behind the activities.