The SEA-EU Alliance Coordination visits NORD University, in Bodø as part of the accompanying plan for new partners. 16 March 2023

During the 15th and 16th of March, a delegation of the University of Cadiz, coordinator of the SEA-EU Alliance, formed by the Rector of the University, Francisco Piniella, Fidel Echevarría, SEA-EU General Coordinator and Laura Howard, SEA-EU General Director, travelled to Norway, specifically to Bodø, where the NORD University President’s Office is located, to conclude the series of visits with this third phase of the accompanying plan for the new partners of the European University of the Seas.


NORD joined SEA-EU in the 2022 European Alliances call along with the University of Algarve and the University of Naples Parthenope, thereby increasing the number of partners and amplifying the geographical balance for the second phase of the Alliance.

The visit consisted of two days with an agenda of receptions and bilateral meetings in different facilities of the University.

Rector Hanne Hensen welcomed the delegation accompanied by Pro-rectors Levi Garseth-Nesbakk and Ketil Eiane, Director of Education Anne Ringen, Director of the International Relations Office Monika Brobak, Research and Development Advisor Irene Andreassen, Director of the Communications Office Andreas Forde and Local Manager of the SEA-EU project Tove Holm.

The different Deans of the Faculties of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Education and Arts, Business, Social Sciences and Health Sciences and Nursing, have held meetings in which they have been able to know in depth the initiative of the European Universities, and in particular the objectives of this second phase of the European University of the Seas.

In addition to the meetings and presentations within the university, the agenda was completed with a visit to the facilities of the Morkvedbukta Research Station, with a presentation by its Director, Jens Alexander.

As in previous visits, this meeting has been very beneficial for all parties as it has led to a better understanding of each other, the project and the opening of new possibilities for collaboration.