The SEA-EU Alliance Coordination visits the University of Naples Parthenope as part of the accompanying plan for new partners. 2 March 2023

During the 27th and 28th of February, a delegation of the University of Cadiz, coordinator of the SEA-EU Alliance, formed by Fidel Echevarría, General Coordinator and Laura Howard, General Director, travelled to Naples to visit the University of Naples Parthenope and thus carry out the second phase of the accompanying plan for the new partners of the European University of the Seas.


The University of Naples Parthenope joined SEA-EU in the 2022 European Alliances call along with the University of Algarve and NORD University, thereby increasing the number of partners in SEA-EU to nine for the second phase of the Alliance.

During the visit, the University of Naples Parthenope offered a two-day agenda with receptions and presentations that facilitated a better mutual knowledge and understanding of the European University of the Seas initiative.

The Rector, Antonio Garofalo, together with his Vice Rectors and governance team welcomed the visitors and together attended a presentation of the Alliance by Fidel Echevarría. The rest of the first day was dedicated to learning more about UPN’s potential, such as the UNESCO Chair, the Apple Foundation Program, the Naval Museum housed in the Villa Doria d’Angri and the sports facilities jointly managed by all the universities in Naples.

During the second day, the Delegation was able to present SEA-EU to different groups from the faculties of Economics and Law, and Science and Engineering, a delegation of students and local SEA-EU associated partners such as the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station, the Marine Science Institute and the Port Authority. The day also included a visit to the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station.

The visit was very fruitful for both parties and resulted in many contacts and opportunities for the coming years of collaboration. In the third phase of the accompanying plan, a visit to the University of NORD in Norway will take place in mid-March.