A UBO student visits UCA to analyze the use of bicycles on campus 9 September 2021

During the first week of September, Valentin Renaud, a student at the University of Bretagne Occidentale (UBO), visited the University of Cádiz with the aim of completing his study on sustainable mobility in universities. Specifically, Valentin is currently making a comparison of the use of bicycles at his university and UCA. Valentin, who is currently doing an internship at the UBO Infrastructure Service, has benefited from a SEA-EU mobility funding in order to complete his research. A week in Cádiz has made it easier for him to visit the different centers of our university, to meet with the Director of the Risk Prevention Service, José Ramón Martínez Tabares, as well as with the team of the Delegation of the Rector for the European University of the Seas. In addition, Valentin has had the opportunity to meet with different entities and associations of the city that bring together people interested in the use of bicycles and bike lanes.

This has helped him to understand the differences in the use of transport between our city and his, commenting that “the number of electric skates that there are here has caught my attention, in Brest there are not so many”. The intention of this research is to find efficient models of sustainable mobility in universities in order to implement improvements in UBO and little by little to exchange good practices in order, among all, to work for mobility that reduces pollution and facilitates coexistence in our territories.