Virtual meetings to keep moving forward 17 April 2020

The confinement situation, already extended to practically the entire globe, does not prevent the SEA-EU team from continuing to work to fulfill all the proposed objectives. Furthermore, the changing nature of the health crisis means that some of the main objectives become protagonists, such as virtual learning and virtual mobility.

The unexpected barriers are thus transformed into opportunities and the alliance partners meet, now from their homes, to continue building together. During the last week of April 13, 2020, numerous virtual meetings have taken place, among which are the videoconferences of the Subcommittees on Ethics and Quality, Identity, and Mobility, the meeting of the technical working group, as well as several conversations with different partners or experts and the weekly meeting of the UCA SEA-EU team.

In this way, the European University of the Seas adapts to these changing times and continues to advance.