Observatory for Sustainable Blue Growth

University of the SEAS has started initial activities to establish the Observatory for Sustainable Blue Economy.

The first intra-alliance meeting took place on Tuesday 1 June on Zoom, and the next meeting is planned for September 2021. A series of working meetings will be held in July.

The vision of the Observatory

Monitoring and measuring the blue economy
Preparing the materials for policy recommendations
Contributing to the sustainability of blue economy, for example by fostering creation of sustainable jobs in blue economy

The activities until 1 October 2022

Topic 1: Sustainable Blue Economy – Definitions of Key Terms and Identification of Sectors, Databases, Indicators, Trends, Stakeholders and Policies
led by Professor Slađana Pavlinović Mršić

– Network creation for UNIST and whole University Of The Seas
– Discussion of key definitions, Mapping blue economy in SEA-EU regions: trends and obstacles
– Mapping blue economy in SEA-EU regions: trends and obstacles
– Data availability on the blue economy in SEA-EU regions

Topic 2: Creation of Sustainable Jobs in Blue Economy (white paper)
led by Professor Srećko Goić

A white paper on how HEIs and PROs can foster the creation of sustainable jobs and growth in aquaculture, coastal tourism, marine biotechnology, ocean.