PASIFIC fellowship

The Polish Academy of Sciences launched the PASIFIC Fellowship Programme co-financed by the European Commission under the MSCA COFUND scheme. Its main goal is to enable 50 scientists of any nationality, with a doctoral degree or min. 4-year full-time research experience, to spend two years at one of the Polish Academy of Sciences institutes. The PASIFIC fellows will be selected in two calls announced in 2021 – the first one will be launched soon, on 15th March 2021. On that day, an online submission system and Guide for Applicants will also be made available. The second call will be open in mid-September. We aim at reaching the greatest possible number of outstanding researchers representing all scientific disciplines. Furthermore, the PASIFIC offers up to 93 000 EUR of research grant, attractive salary as well as direct benefits for its grantees, such as mobility allowance and additional family allowance for those coming to Poland with their partner or families. We believe that the PASIFIC Fellowship Programme is an attractive opportunity for researchers.

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