reSEArch-EU is a Horizon2020 project, funded under a SWAFS (Science with and for Society) call. The project will begin in January 2021, and run for 3 years.

The 6 coastal universities of the SEA-EU alliance are pooling their complementary expertise to develop the reSEArch-EU project which aims to bolster the research and innovation capacity of SEA-EU, in step with our shared, integrated and long-term strategy, by:

  • building an anti-fragile (beyond resilient and robust) and innovative pan-European Alliance;
  • aligning our expertise and resources with the needs of the production system;
  • co-designing, co-creating and co-delivering knowledge with and for stakeholders and citizens;
  • establishing a common Open Science and Open Research Data Policy;
  • crafting and developing a common multidisciplinary research agenda that contributes to sustainable development;
  • sharing our critical analyses and best practices for the successful implementation of our research and innovation strategies with other ‘European University’ Alliances.

Herein, we propose to craft a solid, reliable and trustworthy research structure for the SEA-EU Alliance. This will be visible to, and active with, main societal actors (citizens, entrepreneurs, corporate bodies, administrators) in order to grow together, galvanise our institutions, reinvigorate our economic landscapes, and help address societal and environmental challenges locally and beyond.