SDGs Online Forum

Do you include the SDGs in your teaching?
Are you interested in hearing what other colleagues have done?

The SDGs Online Forum has been organised to share experiences already underway or about to be developed which aim to implement the SDGs in teaching practice in the SEA-EU universities. Lecturers and researchers from six universities presented their experiences followed by an open debate session to allow for discussion between presenters and to answer questions from the public. If you missed it, you can watch the video presentations of all the participants.

See the programme here

José Antonio Perales
Ángel Duarte
Anna Dziadkiewick
Araceli Galiano
Senka Borovac Zekan
Montserrat Vargas
Eli Marusic
Marta Skorek
Cristina Sierra and Eva Samalea
Goran Corluka
Ana Kundid
Marcin Boryczko
Cristina Rodríguez
Carlo Calleja
Francisca Orihuela – Cristina Sierra
Quentin Milliere
Daniela Garbin
Carmel Said
Monika Mazurowska
Lucía Cancelas and Rut Roma
Esther Puertas
Konrad Ott
Eulalia Peralta