Stakeholders Conference of the European University of the Seas.

SEA-EU partnership capabilities and opportunities around the blue economy.

Programme December 2nd

This programme may be subject to change

Moderated by Fidel Echevarría, General Coordinator of the SEA-EU Alliance

9:00Opening Session
9:05SEA-EU Blue Capabilities Round Table with Vice-Rectors of each university

Sylwia Mrozowska (Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Development – University of Gdansk)
Igor Jerković (Vice-rector for Science – University of Split)
Ketil Eiane (Vice-Rector for Research – Nord University)
Tristan Montier (Vice-Rector for Research – University of Bretagne Occidentale)
João Rodrigues (Vice-Rector for Research – University of Algarve)
David Zammit (On behalf of Pro-Rector – University of Malta)
9:50INPUTS: short conferences by experts from SEA-EU territories
– The wave energy sector in Europe by Vincenzo Piscopo (University of Naples Parthenope)
– Aquaculture: challenges and opportunities by Juan Miguel Mancera (University of Cadiz)
– Exploitation of mineral resources in the deep sea by Ulrike Kronfeld-Goharani (University of Kiel)
– From Mass Tourism to Overtourism by Goran Ćorluka (University of Split)
– Maritime Migration by David Zammit (University of Malta)
– Estuarine alien species by Pedro Morais and Ines Cerveira (University of Algarve)
11:00Short Break
11:15Presentation of WMU (World Maritime University)as External Associated Partner of SEA-EU
by Francis C. Neat, Head of Specialization Ocean Sustainability, Governance and Management of World Maritime University
11:30Panel: Interconections in the SEA-EU territories
Profile 1: Port and city relationship

Teófila Martínez President of Cadiz Port Authority
Martín Vila Town planning Councilor – Cadiz city Council
Joaquim Brandão Pires First secretary of the community of Algarve
Margaret Baldacchino Cefai Mayor of Msida Local Council
12:30Innovazul Closing Ceremony
13:00Panel: Interconections in the SEA-EU territories (second part)
Profile 2: Research and business relationship

Ines Boujmil Business Development – AquaBioTech Group
Leandra Vranješ Markić – University of Split
José Luis García ZaragozaPresident – Cadiz Marine Maritime Cluster
Tanja Šegvić Bubić – Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries of Split
Mirosław Szreder Dean of the Faculty of Management – University of Gdansk
António Martins Coordinator of the Department of Innovation and Development – Águas do Algarve
Tomas Brage – SALT Norway
Julián Blasco – ICMAN CSIC
Paweł BraunCEO of Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Incubator STARTER
Gabriele Procaccini – Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn di Napoli
14:15 Conclusions

You can see the whole programme of INNOVAZUL on their website