SEA-EU Around, the application

The SEA-EU community brings together 120,000 students and 1,700 staff. The SEA-EU-Around application aims to facilitate the connection between the members of this community, both online and in real life, around 3 main functionalities:

  • Discover: Cultural and linguistic exchange with students from the 6 universities of the alliance.
  • Collaborate: Putting students or teachers in contact with each other on academic criteria, to find a pair, a working group, for training or research.
  • Meet: Meeting and mutual aid between members of the community during mobilities.

The application is reserved for the SEA-EU community, a university address is required to create an account.

The application is based on a classical profile matching process: the application proposes you new friends. Members need to “like” each other to be able to chat together. Just join us and swipe to discover the SEA-EU community!

Download the app on Google Play and Apple Store

The web version is still under development and might be less performant: try it out here

This is the V1 ! Our developers are working to update the app while the community is growing. (Groups are still under development)

Kindly help us to solve the bugs you might find at

See also the Technical information.