The SEA-EU DAY, celebrated on June 22nd, was an open session to which everyone interested in Higher Education was invited.
It was a day to share the achievements and best practices of the SEA-EU Alliance in its first phase, introduce new members in the second phase and discuss and learn with representatives of other Alliances of the European Universities initiative.
So, if you work in a university, if you are a member of an Alliance, if you would like to become one, or if you are one of the many associate members or collaborating entities of this initiative, you cannot miss this opportunity.

If you couldn’t attend, now you can watch it!

Programme (Central European Time)

Time (CET)Topic – Speaker
10:00 Welcome words
Francisco Piniella, Rector of the University of Cádiz
Piotr Stepnowski, Rector of the University of Gdansk
Fidel Echevarría, SEA-EU Coordinator
10:05Oceanographic Campaign – Aleksandra Brodeka (Video) – Leader of research onboard
SEA-EU Main achievements – Building Bridges
10:15Co-creating with Associated Partners – Antonio Javier González, Director of Planification (UCA)
10:20Internships and Co-mentoring abroad – Leandra Vranjes, Vice-rector (UNIST) + VIDEO
10:30Increased Mobility – Marine Legall-Ely, Vice-rector (UBO)
10:35Research potential database – Anna Jurkowska-Zeidler, Vice-rector (UG)
SEA-EU Main achievements – Innovation in Education and Research
10:40Marine Data Literacy Course – Aldo Drago, reSEArchEU specialist (UM)
10:45SEA-EU Labs – Irene de Andrés, Local Manager (UCA)
10:50Multilingualism Activities – Jonathan Durgadoo, Technical Manager (CAU)
10:55Joint Programmes – Laura Howard, Director of Internationalisation of Education (UCA)
SEA-EU Main achievements – Diversity and Engagement
11:00Service Learning – Ivana Bilić, PhD, Associate professor (UNIST)
11:05European Volunteer – Gianni Ciappara, volunteer (UBO)
11:10Student Council – Roko Glavinovic, SEA-EU Student council representative (UNIST)
11:15Solidarity Race – video by UBO students
11:20Observatory for Sustainable Blue Growth – Srećko Goić, PhD, Full professor. Maja Fredotović, PhD, Full professor. Slađana Pavlinović, PhD, Associate professor (UNIST)
11:25Observatory of Migrations and Human Rights – Beatrice Thomas-Tual (UBO)
11:30reSEArch-EU – Laura Martín, reSEARch-EU coordinator (UCA)
11:40SEA-EU DOC – Philippe Pondaven, SEA-EU DOC coordinator (UBO)
11:50The future of SEA-EU: 6 become 9 – Fidel Echevarría and representatives from UAlg, UPN and NORD
12:30ROUND TABLE: European University Alliances: Different approaches to a shared goal.
Moderated by Laura Howard, Director of Internationalisation of Education of SEA-EU

With the intervention of:

EUNICE – Magdalena Sikorska
FILMEU – Rónán Ó Muirthile
SEA-EU – Fidel Echevarría