SEA-EU-DOC is an Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships for higher education project, focused on doctoral studies in marine, maritime and coastal sciences.

The project will begin in September 2020, for 3 years.

SEA-EU-DOC aim to broaden employment opportunities of doctorate holders in the particular context of marine sciences. Indeed, with the deficit of academic permanent employment contracts in Europe and the growing employment precariousness in this sector, more doctorate holders are turning to jobs outside academia. Preparing the students for a broad range of career options matching the reality of the labour market falls on the responsibility of universities.

We are planning to increase the employability of our doctorate holders by:

– giving visibility to the diversity of career paths for doctorate holders;

– identifying valuable skills acquired during the doctorate that can be transferred to any work context;

– advancing the quality of doctoral training to better fit the diversity of employment opportunities of doctorate holders;

– strengthening links between university and the private sector through the creation of a European network of marine sciences doctorate holders, students and institutions.

The SEA-EU-DOC project is structured by 3 Intellectual Outputs (IO):

IO1: Profiling non-academic employment of marine sciences doctorate holders

A series of interviews will be conducted to raise awareness about the diversity of employment opportunities for doctorate holders. They will be disseminated through open online access on the SEA-EU platform and websites of each participating organisation.

IO 2: The skill matching challenge

A comparative analysis of doctorate holders’ skills and employers’ and entrepreneurs’ needs will be performed through surveys, focus group discussions and a Delphi analysis in order to tackle the skills mismatch by confronting the needs of labour supply and demand stakeholders in the marine and maritime sector in Europe.

IO 3: Building the blue doctoral community of tomorrow

To facilitate career development collaboration, we will create a community of European marine sciences doctorate holders. First, we will carry out inventory review of existing alumni networks in the countries of the project partners. Then, we will conduct focus groups to identify needs and expectations regarding networking and professional collaboration. Finally, the online community network will be set up.

We will also deliver 4 training events:

Training event 1-2: career development

To assist doctoral students in the transition from education to the labour market, a training event will be organized in Brest to provide them with self-assessment tools to make rational, informed and appropriate career-related decisions. Besides, a training event targeting supervisors and managers of doctoral schools will take place simultaneously, in order to sensitise them to career development of doctoral students

Training event 3: problem-solving skills

A training event will be organized in Split dedicated to problem solving, which is ranked among the most in-demand job skills. Non-academic representatives will introduce “real-life «problems of businesses and students will apply their research skills to this concrete situation.

Training event 4: entrepreneurship skills

The last training event will be organized in Cadiz and dedicated to entrepreneurship skills. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is an asset for value creation in any professional setting. These abilities can be applied to everyday life and are highly demanded by employers.

For more information, contact Catherine Meur-Ferec and Philippe Pondaven, Directors of the doctoral school of marine and coastal sciences, UBO, Brest.