SEA-EU Online Music Festival

“Celebrate our cultures through the music”

The SEA-EU alliance aims to promote its musical talent by:

  • offering to SEA-EU artists a platform to promote their songs and showcase their talents.
  • organizing online live events to increase the visibility of our talents.

The aim is to disseminate our cultural differences and build our common European identity. Whether you’re a young unknown artist or an already established singer, the floor is yours!


You want to participate ? We are always open to discover new artists.

The Music activity is free and open to all students and staff registered at one of 6 organizing universities. In the case of bands, at least one of the members is required to be a student or staff member. The song must be an original composition of the participating artist, or a folk / traditional music (as long as no copyright is applicable). The participants must hold the rights to their works and, as the case may be, have authorizations of visible people in the recordings.The choice of the song is completely free, regardless of the topic or the language. Each participant can submit as many songs as wanted. 

To participate, you need to:

  • fill the application form with basic information and consent agreements:
  • upload your song on YouTube and send a pasted link to the video in the application form; select the “gold minute” of your song and upload it (in hard format) with the application.