Solidar’Run – 12-17 th April 2021

Connected edition / Participate from all over Europe !

“La Solidaire de Brest” is an inclusive race organized so that people with diverse abilities can run together, and organized by Bsc3 and M1 students in Management of Sports. It is a charity race: all benefits are donated to charity organisations working for a better inclusion of non valid people in our society.

The 2021 edition was supposed to host runners from SEA-EU universities, and to be the outcome of and intensive course about Sport Management and Sustainable Development.

The organising team worked hard to maintain this sporting event despite the context and also to be able to maintain a European dimension by involving students from SEA-EU universities. They therefore invite you to participate to the first virtual edition of “La Solidaire”. The objective is to constitute a runners (or walkers) team in each SEA-EU university to take part to the race!

How to participate?

  • Participation is free for SEA-EU students, registrations link will be published very soon.
  • Route, duration and rhythm are free: you can walk or run! the route can be done anytime between the 12th and the 17th of April. But for more fun, run together!
  • Each kilometer runned or walked by a SEA-EU student or staff brings 1€ to a charity organisation working for a better inclusion for disabled people
  • Share pictures and route with your fellow runners across Europe

For SEA-EU students and staff willing to discover more about UBO Sports and Education faculty and considering a mobility, online open days are also organized, on the 15th april, with a special focus on inclusive sport and sustainable development. More information here, registration here

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