Sustainable Cooking Experience

Discover Europe through food and participate to show us your culinary skills. Be curious, sharing food is one of the most enriching experiences to exchange cultures. This is not a competition, it is a way to get closer, learn what makes a dish “so spanish” or “so german” and in the meantime, have fun and rise awareness of the importance of food in our health, our economy and our planet.

“As a European student with sustainable values, what goes on your plate matters”

Students from the 6 SEA-EU universities can participate. Do you like cooking? Would you like to teach us how to make your favorite dish?

We propose 3 topics:

  • Starters
  • Sea Main course (a main course made with fish, seafood or seaweeds, or any inspiration related to the sea)
  • Desserts

Choose one topic (or the 3 of them!) and think of a dish that is made in your town/country. The sustainable element is important here! So think of sustainable dishes or sustainable ways of cooking them.

Once we choose the recipes, we will publish them (and the fun comes here) so students from other places can cook them and show us their results. So we will see, maybe, how a french student makes Maltese food, or a Croatian student makes Polish food.

To take part in the contest, applicants have to submit:

  • The recipe of the prepared dish should be submitted in English. It needs to integrate: Title; Timing indications (Preparation / Cook / Total Times, in minutes); Ingredients and quantity; and the different steps of cooking.
  • The recipe should be accompanied by a small text (2-8 lines) ‘the Green tip’ explaining one Sustainable dimension taken in consideration regarding this recipe (Example: my pear pie recipe is best in September as pear better grow at late Summertime in France; Example 2: to buy my potatoes, I don’t buy potatoes in plastic bags in a huge supermarket, but goes to the local market with my own bag …)
  • The recipe is to be accompanied by 3 photos: 1 photo of the ingredients needed (Before), 1 photo made during the process of preparing the interesting dish (During), and 1 photo showing a vision of the final result (After). Interested cooks can also submit a selfie as 4th optional photo. 

Find out how to submit your recipes by following our social networks and contacting your local SEA-EU office.