The 3-year objective of the pilot phase is that at least 5% of the teaching staff should have gone on mobility in the partner universities, in order to facilitate mutual knowledge and support the development of virtual mobility for studensts.

SEA-EU universities organises dedicated hosting weeks for each department.

Calendar and information on the dedicated weeks are available below:

Thematic staff week

To be hosted in


Management school / March, 2-6, 2020

Biological sciences / May, 25-29, 2020


Knowledge Exchange and Technology Transfer / POSTPONED


Marine sciences : SEA-EU Marine and Maritime Staff Week – Interdisciplinary workshop / May, 26-28, 2020

Marine sciences : SEA-EU Navigating a bright blue future for the Marine & Maritime Sector – Interdisciplinary workshop / May, 28-29, 2020

Individual teaching opportunities


Management, marketing, human resources, management, logisitics, biology/ April, 8-10, 2020