University of Malta research project team visit University of Split

As part of a SEA-EU initiative, the University of Malta was invited to send a small team to the University of Split in order to discuss and explore future avenues of collaboration.

J. Wood and M. Sausmekat, both contributors to the Maritime Archaeology Research Project, travelled to Croatia where they presented different elements of research conducted by the University of Malta as well as on local collaborative initiatives with national entities such as Heritage Malta.

Besides delivering talks and a small workshop, John and Maja shared Malta’s underwater cultural heritage with local students and local authorities through innovative means including virtual reality and the projection of 360 films.

All activities were well received and they look forward to welcoming the Croatian delegation during a reciprocating visit planned for 2022 made possible through the Seed Fund recently awarded to Prof. Timmy Gambin from the Department of Classics & Archaeology.

Prof. Gambin said that “such tangible opportunities are exactly what is needed from the SEA-EU Alliance in order to forge new partnerships as well as consolidating existing ones”.

A lecture in session at Split UniversityThe participants were hosted by Tea Katunaric – the underwater archaeologist at Split University.